Introduction to MPB-01


This is a LEGO cell phone stand holder. Through using USB, it can be connected to the computer and reflects the user’s status on MSN Messenger immediately.

The MSN little men at the right of the cell phone stand holder will spin or shake to inform the user of the various messages being sent.
The cell phone stand holder can also be set to change the user’s status on MSN Messenger automatically when the cell phone is not placed on it. Namely, when there is no cell phone on the cell phone stand holder, the user’s status will be changed automatically to “Busy” or “Away” on MSN Messenger.
On the other hand, the indicator light of blue around the MSN little men will flash to inform the user if there is new email.

spin shake Flash
Spin Shake Flash

The interior circuits are designed and welded personally. (That is to say, the work is not an NXT production.)

For the cell phone stand holder to function properly, the computer needs to be installed with the exclusive software personally invented beforehand.

nEO_IMG_P1000939 nEO_IMG_P1000943

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